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We will perform a visual inspection of your ears and using the latest technology, provide a thorough examination of your hearing.

  • Full Audiological Assessments to all ages, including middle ear and auditory processing assessments in a sound treated booth.
  • The first Audiology Clinics in the Durham Region to offer AuraCare. A professional and sophisticated system to deep clean your hearing aids.
  • Hearing Aid Evaluations and Dispensing to all ages. Digital hearing aids with software sophisticated algorithms, including the invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aid.
  • spin doctor SpinDoctor™ Take Your Hearing Aids out for a spin! THE ONLY CLINICS IN DURHAM to offer the newest device, a centrifuge to remove ear wax from hearing aids. The centrifugal force spins out the ear wax, restoring your Hearing Aids’ performance.
  • Hearing Aid Verification and Validation utilizing Probe Microphone Real Ear Analyzer. Shaping the hearing aid response to the individual's hearing loss.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs to all makes and models utilizing AuraCare Hearing Aid Optimization. Powerful system for comprehensive examination of the physical and electrical conditions of hearing aids.
  • Videotoscopy provides a glimpse inside your ear. This powerful tool is essential for deep impression techniques for the virtually invisible IIC hearing aids. It also assists in the repairs of hearing aids.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Audiometry, electrophysiological procedure to evaluate and diagnose the peripheral auditory system and neural integrity of the acoustic nerve and the brainstem pathway.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions, the ear in reverse, another first in Durham. Provides a glimpse into the dynamics of the inner ear. An essential tool to test babies and infants and to help diagnose hearing loss.
  • Diagnostic Auditory Processing Disorder Testing – one of the few Clinics in Ontario to provide diagnostic testing for children with learning difficulties.
  • Custom Earmolds for hearing aids, noise protectors, swim and musician ear plugs.
  • Batteries, battery testers, dri-aid kits.
  • Chosen by the Ministry of Health to provide services to newborns and infants. The Infant Hearing Program (IHP) is operated by the Tri-Regional Infant Hearing Program.
  • MiraCell, "A must have product for all hearing aid wearers."
  • Offering our No Surprises, No Hidden Cost Program-of-Care Service Plan.

Worry Free Program, a 3 year plan for Peace of Mind... which is Priceless.

Services offered in: English, French, Hindi, Teluga, Kannada